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Zoe Logan
Making stuff 

Although I’d never admit this to my parents, their adamant refusal to allow access to television growing up may have helped make me the creative I am now. Ironically I now see the best examples of the kind of objects, processes and outcomes I love being made for television and film.

Both of my parents are architects, and thus exploration and experimentation of physical spaces were major drivers for them. For me it was scale. World-building was accessible and infinite if you just made it small enough. Heavily inspired by the HO train sets of my Grandfather’s, my 1’-12” dollhouse and the many scale models displayed at my parents’ architectural offices, I was hooked from a very early age.

Producing objects and spaces in different scales in loving detail, and playing with alternative or unusual materials, is my favorite activity.

My early career in scale model-building expanded beyond architecture to include a love of the technology and tools of production. A self-taught 3D modeller, I began a love-affair with 3D printing and the open-source technology of the ‘Maker’ movement. A masters degree at ITP taught me to incorporate more user-generated design principles and interactive technology, all of which I now use in my role as Lead Designer at EdLab, an education technology research group at Columbia University. I direct a team of designers, multi-media producers and collaborate with a variety of partners to create ‘active learning’ environments, events, art and products.

I am an ultra-organized lover of process, tools, precision and practical magic. I make effective things.


Favorite Tools
Favorite Technology
-Measuring: Starrett caliper, either metric/empirical!
-Cutting: Xacto, Olfa knife, Japanese Saw
-Finishing: Rotary tool, Japanese Plane, airbrush
-Adhesive: I LOVE ALL ADHESIVES (except velcro)
-Laser Cutter: Glowforge, Epilog, Universal
-3D Printing: Pre and Post production
-3D Modelling: Rhino, AutoCAD, Sketchup
-Adobe Everything